Promoting Your Fashion Brand

A course on creating an online identity for your fashion brand and connecting with your customers

Are you a fashion brand struggling to get your name out there and gain traction for your business? Got a lot of likes and followers, but having a hard time translating that movement into sales? 'Promoting your Fashion Brand' is a course focused on creating a solid social media and online identity for your fashion brand with the goal of attracting and maintaining a consistent client base. The core of the program is to help you understand who your customer is, what they're looking for and how to provide it to them on a consistent basis. An emphasis is placed on understanding your place in the marketplace, studying your target market and connecting with your audience using engaging social media. The goal is to be able to connect with potential clients and customers and explicitly outline your company's vision to the marketplace so that you can successfully make the sale.

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Dionne Dean
Dionne Dean

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